Pool revamp set to make a splash on finals week

Pool revamp set to make a splash on finals week

Alexis Egeland, The State Press

As temperatures begin to rise again, many students want to spend their free time lying out by the pool. This is difficult, however, because the pool has been ripped up for construction.

The Sun Devil Fitness Complex in Tempe is getting a pool revamp, and the whole area is currently closed down for construction.

The pool will be replastered and retiled, the filtration system and the concrete will be replaced, the patio and socializing space will be expanded, the furniture will be refurbished and a new shade fixture with LED lights will be installed.

Everything, from the furnishing changes to the retiling of the pool, will be refurbished to fit a "contemporary resort style," Justin Kern, assistant director of aquatics and safety education, said.

Although the project is a bit behind schedule, only running a week late, Kern said faculty at the SDFC is optimistic that construction will still be completed by finals week in May 2016.

“We're really excited,” Kern said. “The delay is unfortunate, but I think the final result is going to be like a brand new pool."

Tempe's SDFC was remodeled two years ago, with a redesigned fitness center and replaced gym equipment. The pool had not been redone at the same time as the rest of the fitness center, so this revamp will complete the overall project.

"We've been thinking about and planning this project for about two years," Kern said. "We're bringing the pool up to the standard of the rest of the building."

The plan will close down the area for almost an entire semester, preventing students from utilizing the space as it gets hotter.

Digital culture freshman Breelyn Lang said the construction hinders her usual tanning plans, but she looks forward to the final product.

"Usually I would be going to the pool after classes to tan especially since it's gotten so warm, so it's kind of an inconvenience that it's closed," Lang said. "But I definitely think it will be worth it once it's done."

However, graphic design freshman Raquel Solis has come up with other ways to soak up some sun in this early heat.

"The pool being closed is kind of inconvenient, especially since it is only February but it already feels like summer," Solis said. "Instead, I've been having to go to the Hub or Vista and go to their pool, which is hard because you have to know someone who lives there."

Kern recommended that students utilize the recreational pools on the other three ASU campuses or the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center, which is only open to students during certain hours, if they want to swim or lay out in the coming months.

Solis said she thinks students will be excited for more space to socialize around the pool once it reopens, which will make the project worth the wait.

"I definitely think it will be worth it in the end because I will probably visit it more once it is done being remodeled," she said. "I think everyone will appreciate the patio area more now too, since more people tend to go to the pool more to tan or socialize opposed to actually swimming."

This piece was originally published on statepress.com.

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