ASUnicycle: A club of unique peddlers

ASUnicycle: A club of unique peddlers

Alexis Egeland, The State Press

Unicycles are like the unicorns of campus transportation: intriguing and exciting, but seldom seen. However, thanks to ASUnicycle, students may see these almost mythical contraptions around campus more than ever before.

ASUnicycle is a new unicycling club started by a group of ASU students that encourages unicyclists to interact on campus, according to its profile on Sun Devil Sync.

Mechanical engineering junior and club secretary Lyle Hailey said unicycling is a sport that isn't seen very often, so students that do participate in it needed a way to connect when the club started last winter.

“We started talking about the club last semester (Fall 2015),” Hailey said. “I actually registered the club over winter break.”

The club currently has five members, who said they hope to see those numbers grow as time goes on. Each member of the group has their own unicycle, and they ride them around campus.

Computer systems engineering junior Stephen Seidel, the club's vice chair, said he loves unicycling and hopes to help other students appreciate it as well.

"People really need to realize how awesome unicycling is," Seidel said. "It's a really fun sport and we want to get more people involved with it."

The group said they encourage anyone to join, regardless of unicycling experience.

According to the club's Sun Devil Sync profile, the students "provide training for those who are interested in mastering this fun activity."

"Unicycling really isn't as hard as people think it is," Hailey said. "You just have to commit some time to it."

Mechanical engineering senior Alexander Kim, who serves as the club's "minister of propaganda," said he is very excited about the future of the ASUnicycle.

"With this club, I can learn how to ride a unicycle with my friends, and create lasting memories," Kim said. "Hopefully, this club will get big enough to where we can get unicycles for every member, and one day, everyone at ASU will be riding unicycles instead of longboards and bikes."

Students who are interested in joining ASUnicycle or even just learning to ride a unicycle can find contact information on the club's Sun Devil Sync profile.

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